Chemoinformatics Summer School

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The Chemoinformatics Summer School (CS3) is a central piece of the Erasmus Mundus master degree Chemoinformatics+. It offers advanced lectures from the best worldwide specialists worldwide in the field of Chemoinformatics. A sample list of previously invited speakers includes Prof. J.-P. Sauvage, (Nobel chemistry in 2016), Prof. G. Schneider, Prof. J. Bajorath, Prof. A. Cherkasov, Prof. A. Tropsha. The school proposes lectures in the morning and tutorials in the afternoon. It is a unique occasion to acquire new material and get familiar with cutting-edge technologies from internationally recognized experts of the field. It is an agora of a very diverse community. As observed from past events, attendees population is typically composed of 50% students, 30% academics and 20% industrials; participants come from Japan, Switzerland, Check Republic, Hungary, England, US, Austria, Italy, Norway, Israel, Russia, Brazil, Croatia, Equator, India, the Netherlands, Poland, China. The active participation of students in the Summer School will be validated via the attribution of additional 2 ECTS. Several specific events are satellites of the school: the molecular modelling project, a preparatory workshop dedicated to the industrial project and a hackathon dedicated to open science.