Application procedures

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The recruitment of students for the seven double degrees in Chemoinformatics is unified via this unique Internet portal. Joint admission criteria have been defined in the framework of the already existing degrees; they are extended to cover the Erasmus Mundus master degree ChEMinformatics+.

Students are admitted after passing a selection interview that takes place in one of the participating sites. In order to guarantee the same treatment for all students, these interviews are conducted by two teachers from two different sites. The final decision is collective and reflects the opinion of all members or the consortium. Whenever possible, the consortium will consider gender equity among the recruited students when taking decisions.

The applications procedure is open from February to April.


Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree (worth at least 180 ECTS or equivalent) in Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry or equivalent. You can also apply, if you are in your last year of bachelor studies and graduate before the master’s programme starts.

Candidates will need the European Chemistry Test (, level 3. This test can be proposed by serveral members of the consortium. If the candidat does not have it prior registration, it is possible to pass this test during the first year. Diplomas and transcript of completed courses and grades are required. When the degree is not yet conferred, the student will be asked to present a proof of his/her status and can present certificate at a later date but before the start of the Programme.

As the teaching language during the first year might be Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, Hebrew, Slovenian, Ukrainian or English, a certificate to attest a level of B2 in English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is NOT necessary for all students to be admitted to the Programme. Students must be fluent in the local language at where they wish to spend the first year. Official certificates for one of the local teaching languages during the first year are requested; they are also needed for the local inscription. The English competence will be evaluated during the selection interview by academic teachers. Other short test can be proposed to the candidates in order to appreciate their level of knowledge in chemistry, molecular modeling, quantum chemistry, chemoinformatics and software programing.

Other required documents are:

  • curriculum vitae (Europass model),
  • cover letter,
  • two reference letters,
  • proof of identity (copy of passport or identity card),
  • a photo,
  • proof of a place of residence
  • certificates of all academic qualifications.

Additional pieces of information relevant to the application can be also added (awards, engagements in society). All documents, except for copies of the passport/identity card and diploma/degree certificate, must be submitted in English. All copies should be certified by the respective institutions, i.e., lawyers, Ministries, etc. Students with a several nationality must specify the nationality under which they submit their application.

Students must all rank the study tracks in order of preference. If any of the required documents is missing, the application will not be eligible.