Industrial Project

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The consortium share a common Industrial Project, a pedagogical activity to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and open up to civil society. The activity starts at the semester 1 and is validated at the semester 2. The aim of the Industrial project is to help non-academic entities (associations, trusts, industry, department or laboratories of a company, etc.) to innovate by overcoming technical and technological obstacles in the field of chemoinformatics.

The Industrial Project is conducted by a team of 2-3 students from different sites that analyses the problem in detail, writes a letter of engagement, schedules the tasks to be carried out, establishes a functional specification, searches for solution concepts and selects the more appropriate to solve the problem. The activity favors a multidisciplinary approach in relation with the non-academic entity proposing the subject. This activity involves regular communications, meetings and interviews. The project will be conducted between September and March and it is worth 450 to 500 hours with 5 collective work sessions. The work is supervised by a teacher of the consortium
and by a professional for management. It is worth 3 additional ECTS.

The assessment of the project is performed through an intermediate educational report, a technical report and an oral presentation. The evaluation is typically oriented towards the organization of work, the division of tasks between the students, data-sharing, productions and how they collectively evaluate their results. The goal is to build a common structure in which every student will contribute and build interpersonal skills.