Here you will find information about Chemoinformatics and practical information about the Master.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : The Field of Study

The Field of Study

Chemoinformatics is a new quickly evolving field. It concerns the development, creation, organization, storage, sharing, analysis, visualization and use of chemical information. It is a major discipline in theoretical chemistry [Molecular informatics, 30(1), 20-32, 2011], using artificial intelligence and data sciences to tackle the current social and innovation challenges in chemistry.
Nowadays, the specific methods of Chemoinformatics has become an essential part of (...)

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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

The EMJM supports high-level integrated transnational study programmes at Master level delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions (HEIs) from different countries worldwide and, where relevant, other educational and/or non-educational partners with specific expertise and interest in the concerned study areas/professional domains. EMJMs are programmes of excellence and should contribute to the integration and internationalisation of the (...)

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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : Mobility rules

Mobility rules

The Erasmus Mundus ChEMoinformatics+ Masters Course involves a minimum of two mobility periods during the two years of the programme. The first year being located in the same site, the second mobility can be between the third and the fourth semester. In total, the student must have visited at least three countries for a minimum stay of one semester in each. The home country counts as one of these countries.
A student may start at his/her home university; in this case, (...)

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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : Sponsors