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<multi>[en]Selection procedure[fr]Procédure de sélection</multi>
Selection procedure
The ChEMinformatics+ web portal collects the files of candidates and transfers them to the administration board. The administration board select the candidates for each track. The candidates’ files are transferred to the relevant institution.
University of Strasbourg

The present platform collects all documents needed for registration in any of the universities in the consortium. The ChEMoinformatics+ consortium transfers the files directly to the relevant university in case the candidate is accepted.

The Erasmus Mundus master degree ChEMoinformatics+ has several tracks, so the candidates have to rank all tracks by order of preference. This ranking will be used to maximize the satisfaction of the candidates while, at the same time, dispatch them homogeneously across the proposed tracks.

The selection process of the Programme consists of four steps that include the assessment of applications in a gradual workflow leading to selection of the best applications.

  • First step – eligibility check The files of candidates are collected via the common application portal and distributed to the members of the administration board. Each member of the consortium does the eligibility check according to the common rules of the program.
  • Second step – Definition of a Pre-Nominal list The administration board builds a list of the candidates to interview. For the Pre-Nominal list, students will be selected based on the following selection criteria:
  • Academic merits : 1 (poor) – 5 (outstanding) ;
  • Relevance of the bachelor degree / Prerequisites of the course : 1 (poor) – 5 (outstanding) ;
  • Motivation : 1 (poor) – 5 (outstanding) ;
  • Number of Reference letters and additional relevant information : 1 (poor) – 5 (outstanding) ;
  • Language skills 0 (sufficient) - 1 (better than average, only evaluated in case of identical points for two candidates).

Total max. points 20/20

  • Third step – Interviews The interviews of the candidates and the enrolment of the selected students are organized. The interview can be organized either in person or through video-conference. During the interview, knowledge of the candidate in chemistry, physical-chemistry and computer sciences is challenged. The board members answer to interrogations of the candidate about the program.
  • Fourth step – Final and Reserve Nomination list Candidates are assigned to tracks and a final list of nominated students is prepared, taking into account their preferences and the need to homogenously divide the applicants across all tracks. A reserve list of names is added to choose new candidates in case some of the initially selected ones decide to decline to join the Erasmus Mundus master degree ChEMoinformatics+. This final list will be announced by the Coordinating Institution to all candidates within the given deadline. The Coordinating Institution will send an email to notify the final decision. If candidates are nominated on the list of reserve, the Coordinating Institution will send an email and communicate the rank. The administration board validates the grant attribution. If a nominated student withdraws his/her application, the next person from the reserve list moves up to take the free place. The final decision will be returned to the students in time for them to complete the visa procedure before September.