News: 9th Chemoinformatics Strasbourg Summer School (CS3)

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We are happy to announce the 9th Strasbourg Summer School in Chemoinformatics (CS3-2024) to be held in Strasbourg, France on 24-28 June 2024. CS3-2024 is a unique school mixing students, young and experience scientists. More than 150 participants are expected. The school features:

  • Hackathon
  • Crash course in Chemoinformatics
  • Lectures by renowned specialists
  • Short presentations
  • Poster session
  • Practical work
  • Cultural programme

see: the CS3 website

The program covers the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence in chemistry
  • Big Data analysis and visualization
  • Chemical Reactions mining
  • New trends in QSAR modelling
  • Materials informatics
  • In silico pharmacology

Among invited speakers, it is our pleasure to acknowledge the participation of many world-class scientists: J. Bajorath (Univ. Bonn, Germany), T. Langer (Univ. Vienna, Austria), G. Schneider (ETH, Zürich, Switzerland), A. Cherkasov (Univ. British Columbia, Canada), A. Tropsha (Univ. North Carolina, Chappel Hill, USA), M. Rarey (Univ. Hamburg, Germany), S. Maeda (Univ. Hokkaido, Japan), K. Funatsu (NAIST, Japan), J. Medina-Franco (Univ. Mexico), L. Cronin (Univ. Glasgow, UK), H. Senderowitz (Univ. Bar Ilan, Israel) and C. Coley (MTI, USA).

Plus, meet with the students preparing the Erasmus Mundus international master degree "Chemoinformatics+"!