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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : Bar-Ilan University

Prearrival services

Bar-Ilan University (BIU) provides all international students with access to all general facilities and resources available at the campus. Extensive information about living in Israel and the Tel Aviv Metro Area is made available, as well as additional support to students for all essential needs (i.e. banking, health insurance, mobile phone, campus security). All incoming students arriving to Israel must arrange for a student visa in the local Israeli consulate prior to arriving in Israel. A list of Israeli consulates around the world is found on the BIU website. Before approaching the local consulate, the candidate must obtain a letter from the university, indicating the acceptance to BIU, the field of studies and the exact dates of studies; such letter can be provided by the specific department or in some cases by the International School. Integration: BIU has a full-time staff responsible for the events, programming and welfare of all international students. There is also a mentoring program for international students.

Language courses

BIU provides language instruction courses in Hebrew and English from basic to advance levels.


BIU offers on campus dormitory rooms for international students. The dormitories are open to students of all backgrounds and provide a warm atmosphere and convenient access to all academic services.

Special needs support

BIU works to improve on-campus accessibility for all students, and provide equal opportunity to students with special needs, such as the learning disabled, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, and students suffering from other physical disabilities. They offer study rooms with specialized equipment to disabled students, including special computers, recording tapes and other means of academic assistance.

Access to culture and sport

All students are encouraged to join the Student Union which organizes cultural and social events, as well as clubs and sports activities through the year.


Department of Chemistry

Mr. Daniel SCHUVAL
Dir. of Academic Partnerships and Projects

Prof. Dan MAJOR
Department of Chemistry