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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master - ChEMoinformatics+ : University of Ljubljana

Prearrival services

Before they arrive, students obtain information on Ljubljana university, course offers, languages etc. via its website ( and by email.


Students associations arranges for activities which are not part of degree programs. It is an organizer and promoter and represents students’ interests. The Students’ organization of UL (ŠOU) is active in a variety of areas of student life such as social students’ services, cultural, sports and other extracurricular activities. Each faculty has also their own buddy system for incoming students.

Languages courses

Students are offered a facultative intensive Slovenian language course before starting the winter or summer semester. The Centre for Slovene as a foreign language proposed by the Faculty of Arts, organizes a 60-hours-intensive Slovenian language course (3 ECTS). The course fee is 75€ and the places are limited (the “first come first served” principle). There are also several commercial Slovenian courses for foreigners where students can get discounts.


The University of Ljubljana does not provide or guarantee accommodation. Students can apply through an online application to rent a room that is part of the Student residence halls (a very limited number of beds!) The International Office can help you with providing rooms in the Student residence halls, but due to the shortage of rooms, we cannot guarantee that you will really get a bed.

Special needs support

The faculties are in charge of all special needs support. Before arrival the students therefore contact the international office of the faculty involved. Every faculty has are dedicated contact person for students with disabilities.

Access to culture and sport

The University of Ljubljana has well organized extracurricular activities, within the scope of which individuals may acquire further knowledge and experiences contributing to personal and professional development.


Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology